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Composition of the Board

The Board currently comprises 12 Directors; a Chairman, CEO, CFO, three other Executive Directors and six Non-executive Directors. All members of the board stand for re-election at every Annual General Meeting.

Board Committees

The Board is supported in this role by its principal committees, outlined in the table below.

Aggreko Diagram Board Committee Structure

Audit Committee

Monitors and reviews the integrity of Aggreko’s financial statements, as well as monitoring the relationship with the external auditor and oversight of our systems for internal control and risk management.

Ethics Committee

Monitors Compliance and oversees the effectiveness of our ethical policies and procedures to ensure that Aggreko conducts its business with integrity and honesty and in accordance with the law.

Nomination Committee

Monitors and reviews the composition and balance of the Board and its Committees to ensure Aggreko has the right structure, skills and diversity of experience in place for the effective management of the Group.

Allotment Committee

Responsible for decisions regarding the allotment of shares.

Disclosure Committee

Supports the Board in approving the final form of any announcement or statement relating to the performance of the Group.

Finance Committee

Responsible for funding and treasury decisions.

Articles of Association

For more information on the Aggreko plc Articles of Association

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