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Integrity and honesty are core values for Aggreko. We are proud that we have a reputation for conducting business fairly and with integrity and honesty and we have in place robust policies and procedures to ensure that these values are maintained in all of our business dealings.

The scale and nature of much of our business poses the risk that we could be accused of unethical behaviour. These risks include operating in countries with perceived high levels of corruption, contracts involving public procurement and large sums, and the use of third-party sales consultants.

To mitigate these risks, we operate a compliance regime based on the guidance published by the UK Ministry of Justice associated with the UK Bribery Act 2010.

Aggreko’s Compliance Regime

Central to our compliance regime is our Ethics Policy; every employee receives a copy when they join Aggreko and each sales consultant acting on our behalf commits to abide by it.

Our Ethics Committee, comprising entirely Non-executive Directors, oversees our compliance strategy, and aims to foster a culture so that people, both inside and outside the business, know that Aggreko does not engage in, and will not tolerate, bribery, corruption or other unethical behaviour.

We communicate our policies and processes, both inside and outside Aggreko. We have a web-based training programme for all employees accompanied by regular compliance certification; employees in higher-risk positions and third-party consultants also receive tailored face-to face training.

We also carefully assess the nature and extent of the potential external and internal risks of unethical behaviour. As part of this process we conduct proportionate due diligence on those who do business on our behalf. This includes comprehensive due diligence on all potential sales consultants, using specialist independent investigators, and once a sales consultant has been appointed we regularly monitor their performance, audit payments and refresh due diligence regularly.

We also regularly monitor the overall compliance regime to ensure that it remains effective and proportionate to our risks.

Please visit our Ethics Policy download section to read more about the standards we expect from our employees and third parties who conduct business on our behalf.

Speaking Up

We encourage employees to report any concerns and we provide various options in our Speaking Up Policy to allow employees to report their concerns whenever and however they want to. This includes through an independent compliance hotline operated by an external agency which allows employees to report concerns anonymously. All reports are followed up, and we regularly analyse the types of reports we receive.

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