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The Role of the Board

The Board focuses on:

  • Driving the Group's long term success of the group
  • Oversight of operations, ensuring we have competent and prudent management
  • Sound planning and internal control
  • Developing strong leadership and succession plans
  • Protecting our reputation and the relationships we have with customers, suppliers and employees

How we divide our responsibilities

Responsible for leading the Board, its effectiveness and governance. Setting the agenda to take full account of the issues and concerns of the Directors and ensuring the links between the Shareholders, Board and management are strong.

Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for the day-to-day leadership, management and control of the Group, for recommending the Group strategy to the Board and ensuring that the strategy and decisions of the Board are implemented.

Chief Financial Officer
Supports the Chief Executive Officer in devising and implementing strategy in relation to the financial and operational performance of the Group.

Senior Independent Director
Provides a sounding board for the Chairman, acts as an intermediary for the other Directors when necessary and is available to meet with Shareholders.

Independent Non-executive Directors
Constructively challenge the Directors and monitor the delivery of the Group strategy within the risk and control environment set by the Board.

Regional Executive Directors
Supports the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer in relation to devising and implementing strategy in relation to their specific region.

Company Secretary
Supports the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and is available to all Directors for advice and support. Informs the Board and Committees on governance matters and responsible for development of corporate governance policies.

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