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Shareholder Portal

Shareholders can manage their holding online by registering to use our shareholder portal, allowing you to manage all aspects of your shareholding online, with a useful FAQ section.

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Managing your shares online

Shareholders can manage their holding online by registering to use our shareholder portal. This service is provided by our Registrar, Capita, giving quick and easy access to your shareholding, allowing you to manage all aspects of your shareholding online, with a useful FAQ section.

Electronic communications

We encourage shareholders to consider receiving their communications electronically. Choosing to receive your communications electronically means you receive information quickly and securely and allows us to communicate in a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. You can register for this service online using our shareholder portal.

Payment of Dividends

Shareholders whose dividends are not currently paid directly into their bank accounts may wish to consider setting this service up. We encourage shareholders to have dividends paid direct to their bank accounts as this has a number of advantages, including ensuring efficient payment to receive cleared funds on the payment date.

If shareholders would like to receive their dividends directly to their bank account, they should call the Registrar, Capita, using the details below.

UK shareholders may also register using the shareholder portal.

Overseas shareholders may also be able to have the dividend converted local currency before payment to your bank account using the international payment service.

Please call the Registrar, Capita, using the details below, or visit

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

In 2015 we introduced a Dividend Reinvestment Pan (DRIP) for shareholders. This allows shareholders to purchase additional shares in Aggreko with their dividend payment. Further information and a mandate can be obtained from our Registrars, Capita, using the contact details below of by using the shareholder portal.

Duplicate documents

Some shareholders find that they receive duplicate documentation and split dividend payments due to having more than one account on the share register. If you think you fall into this group and would like to combine your accounts, please contact our Registrar, Capita.

Changes of address

To avoid missing important correspondence relating to your shareholding, it is important that you inform our Registrar, Capita, of your new address as soon as possible.


If you have a very small shareholding that is uneconomical to sell, you may want to consider donating it to Sharegift (Registered Charity no.10526886), a charity that specialises in the donation of small, unwanted shareholdings to good causes.

You can find out more by visiting or by calling +44 (0) 207 930 3737.

Shareholder queries

Our share register is maintained by our Registrar, Capita. Shareholders with queries relating to their shareholding should contact Capita directly using one of the methods listed on our Registrars and Advisers page.

What is the Capital Gains Base Cost of Aggreko plc shares?
For Christian Salvesen PLC shareholders at the time of the demerger, the base cost for UK Capital Gains Tax purposes should be allocated pro rata as follows (based upon the middle market quotation per the official list at close of business on Monday, 29 September 1997). Christian Salvesen 109p. Aggreko 164½p.

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