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B Share Conversion Notice

B Shareholder Circular

Circular and Notice of Meeting 2011 GM

Documents relating to the conversion of B shares and terms of the offers made in 2011 and 2012 are provided in the documents above.


What were the respective values of B Shares and the New Ordinary Shares on the first day on which the New Ordinary Shares were listed?

The respective individual values of the B shares and New Ordinary Shares were 55p (being the value of the income or capital cash return available to holders of B Shares) and 1991p (being the closing market value of the New Ordinary Shares on 11 July).

What is the nominal value of the New Ordinary Shares?

13 549/775 pence

What is the nominal value of the B Shares?

6 18/25 pence per share

Will I get a B Share certificate?

No. Share certificates have not been issued in respect of the B Shares that were neither converted into Deferred Shares nor purchased under the Initial Purchase Offer.

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