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How we are responding to our customer’s needs.

Our markets are dynamic and always changing; to make sure we are well placed to maximize these opportunities we are focused on the four priorities below;

Our Priorities


  • Tailoring sales and service channels to customers
  • Focusing on key sectors
  • Developing and deploying relevant solutions
  • Evaluating bolt-on M&A opportunities

Improving Customer Service

We’re improving how we tailor our service to customers with the implementation of global and national account management for large customers and an enhanced customer relationship (CRM) database.

The acquisition of Dryco, a moisture control business, this year, is illustrative of the acquisitions we pursue to expand our product range for customers. Acquisitions like this also create opportunities to sell power generation.

Case Study

Implementation of new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Following our extensive customer surveys last year, we identified that whilst we offer a high standard of customer service. It is a ‘one size fits all’ approach which is not appropriate to all of our markets. We are implementing a new CRM system, using SalesForce as a service provider, which allows us to better tailor and personalise the service we provide our customers, and more efficiently delivering the outputs they need.


  • In Power Solutions our focus is improving fuel efficiency and our range of energy sources to reduce the overall cost of power for our customers.
  • In Rental Solutions our focus is reliability and capability
  • Across our business, we are developing market-leading products and strengthening relationships with strategic partners.

Using Technology to reduce the overall cost of power

The total cost of energy is critically important to customers and our technology has a key role reducing the cost of power. We’ve made several technological advances that will give us a competitive advantage.

This includes a new gas engine with improved fuel efficiency and an upgrade of [25%] of our diesel fleet to increase fuel efficiency. The upgraded engine is market leading and we plan to convert the full fleet. We have also launched two new products – a solar diesel hybrid and a medium speed HFO engine, which allow customers access to more affordable energy sources. We will continue to launch new products incorporating new fuel types and renewables.

Case Study

Solar-diesel hybrid

In June 2016 we announced the pilot of a solar-diesal hybrid product, which couples modular solar panels with our diesel generators. Solar cannot provide power output 24/7, but combined with our diesel product it becomes an optimal solution for customers with enough land to have a solar array. There are clear environmental benefits to the product, but it also reduces the cost by up to 10% compared to a stand-alone diesel solution.


  • Streamlining our cost base
  • Improving processes and systems

Optimising Deployment of Resources

Efficiency is a critical priority to our customers. We need to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. We’ve been improving Group procurement practices to better leverage our global spend and this is expected to deliver over £40m of savings by the end of 2017.

We are also further automating fleet management, streamlining back office processes, right sizing the depot network, and identifying where we can improve processes or use new technology to improve efficiency.

Case Study

Rolling out the ROC (Remote Operating Centre)

In 2016, we rolled out remote monitoring across our Rental Solutions fleet after success in North America. The ROC connects all of our equipment on-hire to a central monitoring centre which can track performance, system issues and the need for any maintenance. As a result we've been able to reduce the cost of breakdowns, lower the need for extra equipment needed for back up and improve our customer satisfaction.


  • Evolving our culture
  • Training and developing our people
  • Health, safety, wellbeing and security

Cultivating an Effective Organisation

We’re fostering a safe, supportive and stimulating environment for our employees to ensure Aggreko continues to be known for its people and high quality customer service.

We’ve developed our purpose and values to inspire and bring our people together, and introduced new training programmes to upskill our people and identify key talent across the organisation. We also continue to invest in health and safety.

Case Study

Development of our Purpose and Values

Over the last twelve months we have looked to evolve our culture and refresh our purpose and values. To do this we’ve consulted with employees at all levels of the organisation, across the world to understand their views. This has shaped a new framework for Aggreko – Always Orange, which was launched in early 2017 and will help to bring together our global employee base.

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