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Our customers are the focus of everything we do and investing in our resources enables us to deliver solutions that provide them with the power to make things happen. We invest most in our people and culture, expertise, technology and scale because we believe these four things really set us apart.

People and Expertise

Aggreko has over 6,000 permanent employees working around the globe who our customers depend on to keep things running, sometimes under very difficult circumstances. The passion and commitment our people dedicate to our business is critical to our own and our customers’ success.

Aggreko people are highly skilled, used to reacting quickly, respond effectively under pressure, do a professional job, and above all, always deliver in a safe manner. These attributes are central to the dynamic, customer focused culture for which Aggreko is known.

The challenging environments we work in makes it essential for all our people to be properly trained. Each part of Aggreko has training programmes in place to ensure employees have the necessary skills to perform their roles to a high level. We invest in training to create an environment in which our people feel motivated, can make a difference and flourish.


Aggreko’s global success is built on our commitment to growing distribution, our technical expertise, significant fleet investment, and a well-developed supply-chain.

The scale and reach we’ve achieved allow us to serve customers in around 100 countries. They also mean we are close to and aware of market opportunities as they arise.

Our scale also provides a capital cost advantage on our equipment and enables us to work closely with suppliers on technology development.

We make sure our fleet is always available, so we can respond quickly to customer needs, while also running at good levels of utilisation to generate strong returns on capital.

Importantly, given the risk of operating in some of our markets, our scale means we have a diversified portfolio and so an inherent risk management mechanism.

Our Fleet

We are unique among large equipment rental companies in that we design and build the majority of our fleet in our own, purpose-built manufacturing facility in Scotland.

We believe this is an important competitive advantage, for several reasons.

Firstly, we can design and adapt our fleet to the particular operating requirements of the countries in which we operate.

Secondly, we also design our equipment with the knowledge that we will own it for its operating life and the more reliable it is, and the longer it lasts, the higher the returns we will make.

Thirdly, the volume in which we purchase the key components is significant in terms of the overall market. In some sizes of equipment, we are probably the largest buyer in the world and this results in significant economies of scale and a lower capital cost than our competitors.

Lastly, having our own design and manufacturing capability means that we can react extremely quickly to customer requirements.


Technology is an important enabler for our business and we have built a competitive advantage by working with our suppliers to provide market leading technology in a modular, flexible format.

When you consider that for diesel customers, on average 80% of the cost of our solution is fuel, then providing products that are market leading in fuel efficiency can provide a significant competitive advantage.

Additionally, we are continually identifying and developing new product lines to provide our customers with alternatives. For example, our new medium speed HFO engine will allow customers to use a more affordable fuel source than the traditional diesel product, with better availability than gas.

We have built a team of specialist engineers at our in-house manufacturing facility in Dumbarton, Scotland. They intimately understand the requirements of the environment in which the fleet operates and have core skills around speed of deployment, reliability and flexibility which, over the years, have provided us with a strong competitive advantage.

In the last few years we have strengthened and developed our capability to adapt to the market environment, including bringing in new expertise on product development, new technologies, total cost of ownership and procurement.

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